WW Collet Tailstock Adapter

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Held in the adjustable tailstock tool holder, P/N 1203 (not included), the collet adapter allows the use of WW (or 8 mm) collets in the lathe tailstock. This means you can hold extremely small drills accurately on center. Drills of only a few thousandths of an inch are easily broken if not perfectly centered. Complete instructions are provided with the adapter to help you ‘perfectly’ align the headstock and tailstock of your Sherline lathe. When you consider the alternative is to spend thousands of dollars for a jewelerÂ’s lathe that is far less versatile, the time is well spent.The WW collet adapter holds Sherline WW collets that have a shank diameter of .312-.313′. Other manufacturers make collets that vary in size up to .314-.315′. The 8.0 mm adapter is made to hold collets of that size. If your collets are not made by Sherline, measure them carefully to see which adapter you should use.


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