Wixey Model WR503 Drill Press Depth Gauge

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Product Description

The Wixey WR503 Drill Press Height Gauge mounts to any drill press. It can be attached to the existing depth stop rod or directly to the collar on the quill. This device allows the user to quickly set the readout to read 0.00 where the drill bit first contacts the work piece and then measures the hole depth as the drill is lowered. Measuring Depth: 6.5 in. (165mm ) Resolution: Decimal = .002 in. Fraction = 1/32 in. Metric = .05 mm Accuracy: Decimal = +/- .004 in. Fraction = +/- 1/250 in. Metric = +/- .10 mm Battery: Type CR2032 Functions: – IN /MM – ON/OFF/ZERO – ABS/INC – Auto shut off


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