Stadea PPU101K 4′ Diamond Polishing Pads Three 3-Step Set Wet Dry Pads For Granite Quartz Polishing

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Size:3 Step Set  |  Color:Pack of 01 Stadea Series Super A, 4′ 3-Step Wet Dry diamond polishing Pads for Granite Quartz Polishing. The set has one pad each for step 1, step 2 and step 3. The three step polishing pads provides high gloss finish on Granite Quartz surfaces at end of step 3, and saves fabrication and polishing time and effort. Granite Quartz Polishing It has exellent finish on Granite Countertop Edges flat surfaces, contoured surface, edge polishing. It has excellent finish on Quartz edges and saves fabrication time. It has very good result on Granite Edge Polishing, quartz edge. Versatality & Coverage Available Sizes: 4 Inches Available Steps: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 Step 1 Pad: It is very thick for durability and extra aggresive to expedite the heavy work at the begingin of polishing process. The step 1 polishing pad is semi flexible. Step 2 Pad: The step 2 and Step 3 and extra flexible and durable. Tools to Use Stadea SWP101K Stone Wet Polisher, Stadea Rubber Backing Pads are recommended. It can also be use with other polishers. Cost Effectiveness The three step polishing system saves the overall polsihing time of stone, and reduces the fabrication cost effectively. The polishing pads are extra thick and a great value for the price. About Stadea STADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools and range of tools accessories. STADEA is a rapidly growing brand known for its quality tools for stone fabrication, manufacturing, cutting, grinding, polishing such as diamond polishing pads hole saws floor polishing pads router bit profile grinding wheels and more! STADEA is one of the preferred choices for concrete stone fabricators and manufacturers for Its top notch quality and competitive pricing. STADEA is registered trademark of ePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA


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