South Bend Lathe Rebuild Kit – 9′ Model A, B & C

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Introducing a new publication and parts kit for vintage South Bend Lathe owners who need to overhaul or clean up their 9” Workshop Series Lathe. Our comprehensive rebuild package provides all that is required to help put your lathe back into its original operating condition. Our manual was painstakingly produced over two years specifically with the South Bend Lathe owner in mind and it addresses the most commonly asked questions and methods for how to renovate a used lathe. Even though South Bend ceased production of these fine quality machines years ago, there are still thousands of serviceable lathes sitting out there in home shops, small businesses, schools and machinery dealers. If you are in the market for a good used South Bend, our book provides information on all of the different models that were made and how to evaluate the condition of a lathe before purchasing. The 106 page instruction manual included with this kit is fully illustrated with almost 250 photographs, and step-by-step instructions for disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and adjustment. The manual provides an illustrated refinishing guide and a lubrication chart, plus sources where vintage SBL owners can find other help and documentation. The manual text is printed in a font that is two points larger than normal so that it is easy to read at the bench. Included in the package: • The Manual: ‘ A Guide to Renovating the 9’ South Bend Lathe Model A,B,C and Model 10k ‘ • 2 Precision Spring Loaded Capillary oil wicks • Die Cut Apron Gasket • 4 Die Cut Way Wipers for the Saddle • Die Cut apron wick • Round felt wicks for the Reversing Gears • 2 hard fiber washers for the drive • Square felts for shaft lubrication • Set of Felts for the Quick Change Gear Box (Shafts & Oil Passages) ***DISCLAIMER: ILION Industrial Services, LLC is neither affiliated with South Bend Lathe, Inc. nor successor companies. Products are not sanctioned by South Bend Lathe, Inc. as OEM information, parts or products.


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