Saws & Blades Router & Table Saw Set w/ 2 Push Shoe, Stick, Depth Height Gauge & Feather-board

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Product Description

Router Table, Table Saw, & Band Saw Safety Set provides great safety and Excellent Value! This new set comes with a Push Stick , 2 Push Shoes / Blocks, Featherboard and a combo router & table saw height gauge. Height/Depth gauge -Combines the great features of a router and saw depth gauge in one! Can be used for routers, shapers, circular saws, radial arm saws, fence adjustments and table saws. Eliminates searching for the right gauge! Step gauge measures from 1/8′ up to 2′ in 1/16′ increments. Router depth gauge measures 1/8′ to 1′ in 1/8′ increments. Takes the guess work out of depth adjustments. Made from solid billet aluminum. Push Stick -Helps to push the material that you are cutting while keeping your hands and fingers a safe distance from the blade or bit. Push Shoes -Same principle as the Push Stick but also keeps downward force which reduces lifting and results in cleaner cuts. Material lifting should be avoided because it could cause dangerous kickbacks. Also features a slotted bottom so that it can be used on the edges of the material as well as the surface. Featherboard – Attaches to the standard 3/8′ x 3/4′ Miter gauge slot and keeps your stock pressed tightly against the fence which helps you to keep control of your stock while cutting. Essential to getting clean straight cuts and routered edges and also helps prevent kickbacks from occurring.


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