PowRyte Basic 100109 1/4-Inch Mini Angle Air Die Grinder

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Product Description

PowRyte Basic 1/4′ Angle Die Grinder reaches spots that an inline die grinder can’t. The right-angle configuration provides easy access to tight spots, so you can grind, break sharp edges, de-burr, port, and polish virtually anywhere. 20000 rpm Free-Speed @90PSI is ideal for heavy duty applications. A built-in power regulator allows for precise control of the speed for multiple applications. The paddle throttle lever provides smooth control with less hand fatigue. The rear air exhaust helps blow exhaust away from work surface, and the inlet has a screened filter to keep out unwanted particles. A durable ball-bearing construction improves balance, reduces vibration, and ensures a longer life. For ultimate performance, the Air Angle Die Grinder is the perfect choice.


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