Neiko 30119B 1/4′ Drive Mini Air Ratchet | 350 RPM

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Product Description

For confined spaces that are extremely hard to reach, the mini 1/4′ drive air ratchet can easily solve that problem. Measuring at just 13.5 centimeters in length, the air ratchet fits conveniently into the size of your palm and weighs under just a pound for extreme comfort and reduces hand fatigue while working. The small size is not mistaken for the 350 rpm and 30 foot per pound of max torque it can deliver to easily loosen or install your fasteners. The latch style lever makes it easy to control while a switch controls the direction. The bottom exhaust keeps debris out of your face while working and runs on 2.6 cfm air pressure, 1/4′ inlet size, 3/8′ hose size, and 90 psi air pressure.


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