MasterGage MP-1 MasterPlate

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Product description Item number 183620, Grading is cover/record: VG+/M- using Goldmine standards. 1986,UK,wlp,orig inner sleeve,lim ed # 0059 Please see seller profile for abbreviation descriptions. From the Manufacturer For precise saw alignment, replace the saw blade with the MasterPlate. Saw blades are made for cutting – NOT for alignment and calibration. Not only could a saw blade be warped, it also has a limited measuring surface because of the carbide teeth, gullets, anti-noise slots and pitch build up. All these factors limit the saw blade as a set up tool. With the MasterPlate, you have a full 10-Inch flat surface to align parallel to the miter slot, versus about 5-Inch on a 10-Inch blade. Mount the MasterPlate in its vertical position, now you have almost 7-Inch of height to square to the table top, versus about 3-Inch for a 10-Inch saw blade. Set any miter or bevel angle accurately to within minutes of a Degree. Comes with complete instructions, plus free technical support from the manufacturer. For maximum results, use the SuperBar [SB-1] with the MasterPlate


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