Malco FCMS 5-Inch to 8-Inch Exposure Facing Gauge and Overlap Gauge Set

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Product Description

Product description MALCO PRODUCTS Fiber Cement Overlap The Malco FCMS Facing Gauge and Overlap Gauge Set offers two popular tools for fiber cement siding — a facing gauge and an overlap gauge. The fiber cement facing gauge is used to accurately measure the exposure of the siding and guard against sagging, it can be set to exposures of 5, 6, 7, and 8 inches. This facing gauge is easily adjusted without the need of tools or fasteners, and it can be held with one hand when steadying a new plank for nailing. The facing gauge is made of tough, long-lasting, weather-resistant nylon. The metal overlap gauge is used to support one end of a plank and give it the proper overlap, a pair of overlap gauges can be used to support the entire plank if desired. This overlap gauge can be removed without damage to the siding. When used in combination, the facing gauge and overlap gauge allow you to prop up one end of the plank for easy and accurate 1-person installation of fiber cement siding. See all Product description


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