L.M. Scofield LITHOCHROME Concrete Color Hardener – 50 Lb Bag – (Pecan Tan)

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Product Description

The #1 Ranked Brand of Concrete Color Hardener. LITHOCHROME Color Hardener is a ready-to-use, powdered dry-shake hardener used to add color into the surface of freshly placed concrete. It produces a hard, long-wearing, abrasion-resistant surface. Due to heightened surface density the color-hardened concrete has improved resistance to the effects of freeze-/thaw cycles and de-icing salts. Where to use LITHOCHROME Color Hardener: Interior floors Exterior hardscapes New concrete only (cannot be applied to cured concrete) LITHOCHROME Color Hardener can be used any place that long-term surface durability is desired. It is ideal for pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas such as malls, retail stores, restaurants, sidewalks, streetscapes, driveways, hotel lobbys, car parks, both indoors or out. How to apply LITHOCHROME Color Hardener: LITHOCHROME Color Hardener should be hand-broadcast into the freshly-placed concrete using the dry-shake method. It provides more coverage with less product than competing color hardeners. The superior formulation is denser than competing color hardeners, resulting in approximately 75% more thickness when using LITHOCHROME Color Hardener at the same coverage rate.


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