junhao Heavy Duty Car Inflator Portable Air Compressors 12V ac-1

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1.The compressor exerts wide ranges of use such as tyre of vehicle autoengines and bicycle ,toysand boats,etc 2 it is good for the emergency needs when you are on highway and countryside road or rush for office on the morning while the tyre low pressure 2, convenience to put it in trunk of car and not occupy and space 4.the appropriate tyre pressure not only save gas but also ensure the safety of driving . Cautions : 1. while compressor working , keeping the engine running to enhance the power 2.the electric source is DC 12V, NOTE: 110V family electric source is prohibited unless with a transformer 3.generally ,it take 3 minutes to compressor the vehicle tyre to the appropriate pressure , 20PSI it the gauge indicates the pressure rising rapidly, NOTE : if air compressor not work when you put on the switch . it means the failure Clogged . please check and remove the commector from the valve and operate again 4. keep the inflating at your sight and attention . please check the gauge for the pressure and not let the pressure too high 5.wett and heavy droing are prohibited , keep away from children to avoid possible hurt 6.keep the cigarette lighter receptacle of vehicle clean and fuse commecting , otherwise the compressor can not work 7,To keep the good operation of the compressor , it should not being work more than 10 minutes , if the compressor continuously works more than 10 minutes , should cool it for 10 minutes to avoid the damage the engine and ports


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