HQS Wheel 150PSI Portable Mini Air Compressor Auto Bike Bicycle Electric Tire Inflator Pump

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Description:Mini size, easy to carry.With this product, you dont need to worry about your bike with flat tyre anymore. You can inflate your bike anytime anywhere.- Color:Silver- Size:19.8 x 5.5 x 4.5cm- Weight:453g-Battery capacity: 500mAh * 4- Voltage: 15V- Maximum pressure:150PSI 10.3BAR 990KPA 10.5kgf/cm2-charger mode: USB-Working temperature: -20 ? ~ +60 ?illumination:1. In the case of the LCD screen is not lit, press the POWER button, LED lights will be lit, press the POWER button again, LED lights will go out. This feature replaces the traditional flashlight for lighting.2. In the case of the LCD screen lit, press the POWER button, the inflatable cylinder will begin to inflate, the LED will light up. LED lights will be extinguished due to pause. When the charge is complete, press the POWER button and the LED will go off.3. Make full use of good LED lights will be greatly facilitated in the case of darker use of inflatable tube. Charging:1. For the first time or not for a long time, please charge the inflatable cylinder before inflating.2. The charging indicator on the charging line during charging is red and full green.Precautions1. Before inflating, please carry out the necessary inspection of the inflatable tube, if you find abnormal, do not use.2. If the inflator is abnormal or if the temperature is too high during the filling process, stop using it immediately.3. Continuous inflatable easily lead to inflatable cylinder and inflatable tube. When the temperature is high, please stop filling for some time, until they cool and then continue.4. Do not bend or squeeze the inflatable tube during inflation to ensure airflow.5. Storage holes can be used to store inflatable tubing.


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