Goldblatt G06183 6-Inch Rub Brick

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Product Description

Product Description 6′ x 3′, Rubbing Brick, Solid 20 Grit Brick With Soft Grip Ergonomic Handle Used For ‘scrubbing/smoothing’ Concrete Slab Edges After Forms Are Removed. This product is manufactured in China. Excellent for industrial and domestic use. From the Manufacturer The Goldblatt Rub Brick is crafted with a fluted silicon carbide surface and Pro-Grip handle-making it the preferred brand for many tradesmen. The comfortable, well-contoured handle minimizes fatigue. This rub brick is the fastest, most economical cutting medium known for dressing down all kinds of concrete work. 20 grit. 6-Inch by 3-Inch by 1-Inch.


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