GLASS BEAD #3 – Large Diameter Bead – 25 lbs. – Sand Blast Cabinet BLASTING MEDIA – By Tacoma Company

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High quality mil spec GLASS BEAD #3 – Made in the U.S.A. 5.5 on Mohs hardness scale. Quality GLASS BEAD is an excellent media to provide smooth, bright, contamination-free finishes. These hard round particles close up surface roughness and porosity by peening. This helps prevent corrosion, resist rust, staining and fingerprints, and provides a bright, tight new surface. Peening of most any surface (other than light sheet metal) can help its appearance and longevity, whether it is to be painted, plated, powder-coated, or left bare. . Peening helps to combat stress-risers that can produce cracks and increase fatigue resistance to critical parts, retarding fatigue and fatigue corrosion. Being chemically inert, NON-TOXIC, containing virtually NO SILICA, GLASS BEAD will not leave any undesirable or ferrous residue on blasted surfaces. . Uncontaminated spent media is ENVIRONMENTALLY HARMLESS. Some Uses of #3 GLASS BEAD: Reborn Doll Crafters & other Hobbies; Applications needing decorative reflective spheres. For blasting, the Larger Glass Beads, such as GB-3, peen to deeper zones of the base metal than smaller sized beads, leaving a brighter finish. Changes surface textures and finishes. Good for blending and final finish on aluminum sand castings as well as other metals.


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