EZ-1500M Metric Insert (Drill Guide)

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EZ-1500-M Metric Insert (96mm and 128mm) (Drill Guide)The EZ-1500-M Metric Insert is fits both the EZ-1000 Door Jig and EZ-2000 Drawer Jig for the Handles and Pulls for the high end hardware installations. It is made with the same heavy duty material and hardened steel inserts as the original tools. No need to purchase an extra door and drawer tool for your tool box to install metric handles/pulls. Just remove the standard insert (4 screws) and install the insert (96mm and 128mm) into the door or drawer tool. This gives you the ability of installing any handle or pull on the job and you will save space, time, and money. Now you can do any job the first time with your EZ Jig Tools.


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