ER11 Extension Rod Tool Holder Collet Chucks Precision CNC Mill

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Feature The ER extension rod is created specifically for the United States (shaft diameter 8MM) motor.The inner and outer diameter of this extend rod has been grinded all,the convenience of our DIY friends can easily spend ER precision chucks.Chuck hole: ER11 standard taper holes. Correct installation can be achieved using precision.Ultimately reflected in the axial direction of the motor shaft and tool runout): about 0.03mm. Note:Please do not let it start work with spindle directly before correcting.99% of the knife rod into the motor shaft will not be straight, need to be adjusted in order to achieve the 0.01-0.04 accuracy of our finished spindle. After loading with dial indicator, or dial the test precision of the taper hole. Package: 1pc New Collet Chucks Precision ER11 Extension Rod Toolholder CNC Mill


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