Englander Pellet 1 RPM Auger Motor PU-047040

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How would you feel if you knew this was the last time you had to do this chore? As a pellet stove repair technician I’ve replaced hundreds of auger motors in more than 10 years and I can promise you this is the best auger motor you can put in your stove. It’s quieter than any other motor you can buy and lasts longer. 15-20 Year Lifespan. starts off by packaging the motor in a high strength metal casing for durability. Then they add a powerful copper wound transformer to drive the motor. Inside there are the highest quality components. The gear sets and bearings are manufactured with tolerances so small they can only be measured using a microscope. This motor is calibrated for high stress, high temperature operation so it stays cooler and last longer while effectively breaking through pellet fuel pile ups. Wiring – Your new motor may have a electrical plug that is different from you old motor. Cut the new plug off and splice the wires to the old wiring using your choice of electrical connector. It doesn’t matter which wire goes to which as long as they are connected.


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