Dremel 764-04 Pumpkin Carving Rotary Tool includes 10 Templates

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Product description Pumpkin Carving Kit Even the least artistic among us can have the coolest jack-o’-lanterns in the neighborhood this year with Dremel’s pumpkin- carving kit. It’s a neat, buzzy little unit that carves off layers of pumpkin flesh to let the light glow through. It isn’t meant to cut all the way through the pumpkin, and the effect is perfectly spooky. Powered by four AA batteries, it’s got two speeds for superior pumpkin-stock removal, 6,000 and 12,000 rpm, so it’s not a child’s toy. Step 1 Use a knife to cut a lid for your pumpkin. Angle the knife towards the center of the pumpkin as you cut so that the lid will rest on top of the pumpkin after the cut has been made. Use a large spoon to clean out the entire inside of the pumpkin. It is best if the walls of your pumpkin are approximately 1/4- to 1/2-inch thick. Step 2 Based on the size of your pumpkin, you can enlarge or reduce the size of your template using a copy machine if needed. Using spray-on adhesive, apply your template to the pumpkin. Step 3 Turn the tool on low and begin tracing the areas to be removed. You can use the high setting for large area material removal. The key is to remove approximately the same amount of material on your whole pumpkin to achieve a uniform depth. Step 4 Once you’ve finished, remove the paper template, place a light source, such as a candle, in the pumpkin, dim the lights, and see how well the light shines through your carving. If you want more light to shine through, turn the lights back on, remove the candle and remove additional material from your pumpkin. Printable Templates from Dremel Click the thumbnail picture to bring up a printable PDF version. What’s in the Box 6-volt Dremel cordless rotary tool (requires 4 AA batteries, not included) 10 carving templates 1/8-inch diameter high-speed cutter (Dremel high-speed cutter no. 191) Wrench


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