CRL 400 Grit Diamond Hand Pad by CR Laurence

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Product Description

Length: 3-3/4′ (95 mm)Thickness: 1-1/2′ (38 mm)Width: 2-1/4′ (57 mm)Long Lasting Diamond AbrasiveWorks Great on Smooth or Uneven SurfacesUse Wet or DryCRL Diamond Hand Pads are plated diamond abrasive surfaces permanently glued to rigid foam support pads. Use wet or dry for fine finish work on glass, marble, ceramics, granite, and other composites. Their convenient size requires minimal effort and allows a more consistent finish. Diamond grade or grades required are based upon the finish and amount of material to be removed: Use 60 grit only for high material removal situations. Use a 400 grit pad if a high polish is required. Pads measure 2-1/4′ x 3-3/4′ (57 x 95 mm).Important NotesAlways wear hand and arm protection when handling glass with sharp edges. CRL Diamond Handpads are designed for removing sharp glass edges but care must be taken when doing so. Any time glass is being handled injuries can occur so the user must follow all recommended safety precautions.


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