BSTPOWER Glue Gun Hot Melt Adjustable High and Low temp 100W with 3pcs 2.0mm Interchangeable Nozzles (Length: 40/50/70mm)

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Color:2.0mm Tip Automatic Thermostat The ceramic PTC thermistor will help to keep the constant temperature when it heats up to the set temperature. Adjustable Temperature There’s a dial that moves between 100°C-220°C for different use, the speed of the glue flow is different according to the different temperature, and you may need use a small flat-bladed screwdriver spinning on the dial to change the temperature. Interchangeable Copper Nozzle The diameter of the nozzle is about 13mm, orifice diameter is 3mm,length of whole nozzle is about 23mm and you can change to the longer one for different use.The copper nozzle has the better thermostability than the other nozzles. LED Indicator The convenient indicator light that lights up when the glue gun is heating up and cuts off as soon as it is heated up to the appropriate temperature Specification Frequency:50-60HZ Weight:245g Cable Length:140mm Size:190*110mm Package 1*Glue Gun 3pcs Interchangeable Nozzles Tips 1 The nozzle and the glue liquid are hot when the gun is working, please don’t touch it. 2 If the glue gun doesn’t work for 15min, please cut off the power source to avoid the melting glue recirculating or damage. 3 It may has the light smoke the first use, it is normal and it will die off 10min later. 4 Please let the bracket stand to cool down the gun for several minutes after use, and don’t change the other power cord with it. 5 If the strip is left after use, please don’t pull it off,just let it in the gun for the next use. 6 It is normal for some glue flowing out after the few seconds you finish working because of the inertia pressure. 7 If the glue doesn’t come out, you need adjust to the higher temperature or try another stick. Lifetime Warranty


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