Bit Adapter – 1/4′ to 1/4′ – Turn Any Ratchet Into a Driver!

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You might have hundreds of driver bits on your workbench – flat-head, Phillips, Torx, tamper-proof, Pozi, hex – but what do you do when you need to use those drivers with an air ratchet/wrench or your regular socket ratchet handles? Some common bits are available as socket drivers but many of the more exotic versions are not – plus you usually need to buy an entire set to get the one bit you need. This great little adapter is worth it’s weight in gold (even at current gold prices!) because it pays for itself many-times over; now any bit on your bench with a standard 1/4′ hex-shaft (99+% of all driver bits) can be used with any air, power or hand tool with 1/4′ anvil or reducer. Bits held in place with spring-tension ball bearing; fast & easy bit swaps. So handy and useful you’ll want extras for work and home.


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