AMYAMY Floor Drill Press with Vise

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unpack the carton and verify that all parts listed below are included 1. drill press vise 2Head Assembly with column 1set 3.Base 1set 4.Handle and Knob 1set 5.Thick and thin brush for clamp each 1set 6.M4?M6?M8 Hex key each 1pc Assembly Place the base on a level floor,Place the column on the base as deeply as possible.and use the hex key M8 to tight the two pieces hex bolts on the side of base.(These are 4 holes on the base on the bench) Clamp Drill Machine Put the Electric Drill machine or Die Grinder into the clamp,according to the size of neck of the machine use different thickness of brush,and use the hex key to tight the clamp lock bolt 8. Screw the Handle(20) to the feed shaft 21and tighten it. And try to press some times to check the head sliding smooth.if need,add some grease on the sliding slot and adjust the 3pcs screw 14 on the sliding sporter. Adjustment of height of Head According to the workpiece height,Up or down the head assembly,and tight the head lock bolts 9 by hex key. (unplug the drill before any adjustment of this stand) Depth Stop Adjust the height of Point clamp 2 to control the drill travel.The Max travel for this stand is 60mm. Adjust the head to bevel drilling and milling. Loosen the screws 24 between Colum and Head.Turn the Head to desired position,and tighten the screws again.Max.adjustment angle is 90 degree Trial running machine before operation trial runs machine no loading before any operation. Warnning:Before operation,please ensure the machine and the stand all assembly securely and no loosen. warnning: Please understand and comply to all instructions of Drill machine or any other machines application on this stand.


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