ALC Keysco ALC40127 Bicarbonate Soda Blast Abrasive (20 Lb.)

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Product Description

The ALC Soda Blast Abrasive is an environmentally friendly abrasive designed for use in soda blast equipment. It is a crystallized version of baking soda that is an alternative to using harsh chemical stripping agents. Soda blast abrasive is excellent for stripping paint off vehicles, boats or other restoration projects. Will not damage glass, chrome or rubber and can be used for all general cleaning jobs. Ideal for cleaning an engine compartment or other equipment. Soda will not pit or warp metal surfaces and offers easy cleanup by just washing away with water. U.S.A. Weight lbs. 20, Recyclable No, Material Type Bicarbonate material. Environmentally friendly Gentle abrasive Removes paint or light corrosion from metal and/or fiberglass surfaces Safe around chrome, glass and rubber Safe for engine compartments and other equipment Can be used for general surface cleaning


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