Air Wedge Pump HYTE Inflatable Air Shim Alignment Pump Wedge Kit (2 Packs, S+M)

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How to use Air Wedge? 1. Opened the package, take out the air wedge, air wedge and tube are in a separate State. 2. Insert the tube, close the valve 3. Keep squeezing, inflate wedge, when filled air stop. 4. Open the valve let air flow out when finished use. Feature of Alignment Pump Wedge: 1. Light, convenient, you can easily carry out for a rainy day. 2. Durable, no-scuff cover leaves no marks 3. Maximum Bearing Force :100KG/ 220.46 (lb) 4. Minimum Width: 1mm/0.04in 5. Size: 6.3 x 5.7 inch / 16 x 14.5 cm Package Includes: 1 x M Air Wedge Pump 1 x S Air Wedge Pump FAQ: Q: Does The Air Wedge has WARRANTY Policy? A: Yes, The Air Wedge provide 18-MONTH FREE-WARRANTY Policy Q: If I dislike this Air Wedge after receive it, can I return it and get refund? A: Yes, sure you can return it and get full refund, here i have a suggestion that you should keep the item good and well packed, otherwise the Amazon will charge extra packing fee. Q: If I find The Pump Wedge defective, how could I get an exchange? A: You could contact Amazon for an exchange, or contact us, we will help you work it out. We endeavor to provide the best service and aim to contribute in the best way to fulfill all the needs of you. Add your Air Wedge Pump to your cart, Get a happy shopping experience!


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