Air Compressor 12V volt 300 PSI Portable Pump Auto Car SUV Tire + 3 adapters

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Portable Air Compressor 300 PSI 12V volt 10A amp Compact yet powerful 300 psi Air Compressor. Great to keep in your Car, Truck, SUV, or Recreational vehicle. Plugs in to any Auto 12V volt Power point or cigarette lighter. Comes With 3 adapters (1) Needle for pumping up sports balls (2) Nozzle Adapter for Putting air in Inflatable toys or Recreational Devices Unit has convenient storage features. Look at the pictures. Built in Compartments for all 3 adapters a compartment to store the Air hose. An area to wrap around the power cord around. A compartment to store the 12V volt DC connector. Easy to read Needle Gauge. Compressor strength – 18 BAR 10A AMP Safety Fuse in Plug Great to keep in your Vehicle for emergency flats or on the go Repairs. Comes in handy when your tires are low on air and you do not want to drive to your local gas pump or mechanics shop. Comes in handy to pump up Bicycle tires, Sports balls (football basket ball etc.), Inflates Airbeds and mattresses. Use it to inflate your toys inter tubes, pool toys, beach toys, and more. All you have to do is plug it in to your vehicles 12v Power point or cigarette lighter. A must have in any vehicle…… In case of emergency situations it can really be a blessing. Don’t get stuck wishing you had one when it is too late. Get your Portable Air Pump Now.


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