6 Inch Ultimate Polishing Pads (5 – Pack) – Use With Marble Gloss Restorer – By Marble And Granite Care Products

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Best buffing pad to use when polishing marble with Marble Gloss Restorer. Best cleaning pad to use when cleaning marble with Neutrasheen For Marble. Excellent deep cleaning pad for marble, when used with Neutrasheen For Marble and Grease and Grime Buster. Best cleaning pad for granite counter tops and islands, when used with Neutrasheen For Granite. Excellent paste polish applicator for marble and granite, when applying Marble Polish and Protector or Granite Polish and Protector. DIRECTIONS for polishing marble: Depending on application, ie., floor buffer, or hand-held rotary buffing machine for walls, vanities, counter tops, mix 3 – tablespoons of the marble restorer with a small amount of water, to form a slurry, place buffer with our Ultimate Polishing Pad over slurry and work in a side to side motion between 200 and 2000 RPM for a few minutes, keep the slurry moist by adding water. After buffing, remove slurry from work area, and rinse several times with clean water. It is necessary to repeat entire process one or two times to achieve a more brilliant gloss. PLEASE NOTE: Marble Gloss Restorer is included in all of our marble refinishing kits. These kits contain everything you will need to remove those dull etch marks and water spots on your polished marble, travertine, and limestone vanities, countertops, and small areas of the floor. Economical to use, 4 ounces of Marble Gloss Restorer will polish up to 20 square feet of marble. Please Note: When polishing the following marble species: pure white (Thassos), dark brown (Breccia Nouvella) (Emperador), dark green (Verde Antique), and absolute black (Belgium Black); the mineral makeup of these species of marble, require a different chemistry to produce a high gloss finish, which is found in our Marble Gloss Restorer SF (Special Formula). Please Note: not to be used on man-made marble (Cultured Marble) which is not natural stone.


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