6 inch RhynoStick Solid Red Line Sticky Discs 50 Discs 40 Grit

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INDASA RHYNOSTICK40 Grit 6′ Redline Sticky Back DA SandpaperPart # 600-401 Box (50 Sheets)Specifically developed for the Automotive Refinishing Industry, Red Line is manufactured on the basis of productivity, durability, and performance. Red Line is extremely tough, long lasting, high-performing, special quality aluminum oxide abrasive which is applied on superior paper backing ensuring that it lives up to its reputation as being Indasa’s premium quality. If you are looking for increased productivity to save you time and money look no further than Red Line. Red Line. WHEN PERFORMANCE COUNTSRhynodry Key Features:High Performance Anti-Clogging LubricantAluminum Oxide plus LubricantD Weight Paper Long LifeApplication Suggestions:Specifically developed Quality for Automotive RefinishingSanding of fillers and fibersSanding of aluminumRed Line Suggestions:Exclusive Anti-Clogging Lubricant resists loading extending cut lifeRapid application with exclusive Rhyno-Tabs for easy off Release Paper increases efficiencyDurable ‘C or D’ Weight Paper with high, tear resistance and increased lifeClosed Coat reduces loading and extends abrasive cutting powerPremium Quality Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) allows for a stronger bondVacuum discs allow for a dust free working environmentRelease paper protects adhesive from harmful contaminants allowing for superior gripFull line of grits available for any task at hand


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